Hydrating Rose Facial Hydrosol




If you are seeking an all natural and healthy alternative to skin toning, our Live Rose Hydrosol will surpass your expectations! Created through authentic steam distillation on a copper alquitara, this magic water embraces the benefits of rose petals which have been considered a superior ingredient for beauty products over the centuries.

Our rose water is a pure distillate of water and rose petals with the traces of rose essential oils naturally occurring due to the production method of our hydrosols. One of the most amazing benefits of our Live Rose Hydrosol is the deep hydration and balancing of skin’s Ph after cleansing. It helps to soothe any type of irritation as well as reduce redness. Due to strong anti-inflammatory properties, it can diminish acne. It is a great antioxidant, has anti-aging effects, helps to lock in moisture and prevent premature aging.

Simply spritz over the face either after washing it to lock in hydration and close the pores or spray to refresh yourself during the day. Can be applied on a cotton pad to remove the excess oil from the face and gently cleanse it.

Recommended to use along with any facial oil by Live Oil by Lesna. Hydrosol and facial oils make a perfect match to satisfy the skin’s basic needs of water and lipids. The wonderful aroma of rose water will lift your mood and fuel the feeling of loving yourself!

Quantity: 4 oz.

– Freshens skin
– Natural, authentic distillation process
– Diminishes acne
– Toning

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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