About Us

“Live Oil By Lesna” is a family owned and operated oil plant engaged in the production of certified organic cold-pressed oils on wooden press-barrels.

We are convinced that true wealth is health! Every time we eat is an opportunity to nourish our bodies. That’s why we are dedicated to create clean real products which are fundamental to good health and well-being.

We’re commited to work in a family-friendly environment, are open to promote new innovative ideas, and give space for the expansion of production.

The leader’s enthusiasm is always fueled by the family as the main source of care and motivation to healthy life style which always provides new sources of inspiration. Responsibility, a serious approach to business and love for people and nature are our priorities!

Production Process at Live Oil by Lesna

The Live Oils method of extraction at our mill totally eliminates the contact to any metal surface at all the stages of production. In a view of the fact that using metallic presses to produce oil causes them to oxidize destroying their nutritional value and making them taste incredibly bitter, at Live Oil by Lesna we only use Wooden-Press Barrels which prevents oxidation and rancidity of the oil. We do not crush or grind our nuts and seeds before pressing but squeeze them whole and raw not to break their live structure on molecular level.  To ensure that our customers consume only natural, fresh and live products, we never use or add heat, chemicals, preservatives or additives which respectively allows us to completely preserve active vitamin and mineral complex in our Oils. Thanks to Our Unique Method we proudly call and label our exclusive oils as “Live Oil”.

To begin our unique process, we place 2-4 pounds of only our freshest whole organic nuts and seeds inside a custom 1-gallon wooden press barrel. We then gently apply anywhere between 5 to 33 tons of even pressure at room temperature to effectively preserve all valuable nutrients and health benefits the carry within. With gratitude we then patiently wait between 2-4 hours for the “liquid gold” to drip and fill each single bottle. 

 The time between squeezing the oil and sending it to the Customer is reduced to a minimum. It’s simple: you place an order – we squeeze the oil and send it to you! That’s why our oils are always at the peak of freshness, bursting with flavor and vitality. 

Enjoy Our Live Oil unlike anything You’ve ever tasted! Power up Your body and those You love with 100 percent pure real organic cold-pressed oils which are packed with all vital nutrients that human may crave!

How to Use Live Oils by Lesna Guide

As a result of Live Oil by Lesna unique Wooden-Press Barrel method of oil extraction, You get the freshest and most useful product that can be used in so many ways to benefit Your body the most!

  • Ideal for Cooking, food Preparation and flavorings (sauces, dips, marinades, soups, baking, vinaigrettes, sauerkrauts, salad dressings).
  • It may be added to protein powder shakes, smoothies and cereals for optimal daily healthy fat intake and daily nutrition overall.
  • Use it topically for cosmetic purposes to nourish your hair, skin and nails as an excellent moisturizer.
  • Perfect for massage if applied solely or if combined with any essential oils.
  • Mixing oils with any citrus juice (orange, grapefruit or lemon) or honey will not only make it taste divine but also will help to supplement all vital nutrients present in oil to the cell level and detox the organs and body overall according to Ayurveda.


We use Wooden-Press Barrel method of oil extraction which completely eliminates contact to the metal. Consequently, our Oils are not oxidized and don’t taste bitter. This old fashioned way of producing oils was a common natural way in older times and people visited oil mills with empty cans to purchase their fresh and real oils. However, in the few decades things have changed dramatically in the oil industry. Technology has taken over and it became more profitable for oil makers to use metallic screw presses to maximize oil outcomes and minimize expenses.

With increasing awareness of health, Live Oil by Lesna is making a comeback to the market to change the adverse health effect caused by most oils you can find in store shelves today.
Thanks to our unique oil extraction method, our premium oils are never bitter and always maintain their high-level nutritional value – each and every time!