Our Process at Live Oils by Lesna


The Live Oils method of extraction completely eliminates contact with any metal surface at all stages of production. Using traditional metallic presses to produce oil can cause oxidation, destroying the nutritional value of natural oils and giving them an incredibly bitter taste! At Live Oil we use a wooden press-barrel process that prevents oxidation and rancidity of the oils. We do not crush or grind our nuts and seeds before pressing but squeeze them whole and raw to avoid breaking their live structure on a molecular level.  

Equally important, we ensure that our customers consume only natural, fresh and live products, we never use or add heat. Our products are free of chemicals, preservatives or additives which respectively allows us to completely preserve the active vitamin and mineral complex in our oils. As a result of our unique method of extraction, we proudly branded our exclusive oils as “Live Oils.”

To begin our unique process, we place 2 to 4 pounds of only our freshest whole organic nuts and seeds inside a custom 1-gallon wooden press-barrel. We then gently apply anywhere between 5 to 33 tons of even pressure at room temperature to effectively preserve all valuable nutrients and health benefits they carry within. With gratitude, we patiently wait between 2 to 4 hours for our “liquid gold” to drip and fill each bottle. 

Our Live Oils may be where our journey started but they are just the beginning of endless selections as you shop Live Oil by Lesna. We offer a great variety of organic vegan flours (meals) which are raw cold grounds from the cake that remains after oils are pressed. This is a natural LIVE way of flour processing which excludes any chemical interference.  

For these reasons, don’t just consume our Live Oils and Live Flours, incorporate our products into your daily skin care routine. We’ve formulated natural skin care using our very own organic oils and vegan powders. Blended with natural herbs and fruits and flowers for an invigorating scent, treat your body and hair to the purest self care it could ever received. We offer an extensive variety of products for anyone who follows a gluten-free diet or simply prefers a healthier way of life without compromising taste. Our products were born from a desire to access sustainable ingredients, now we want to share them.


It’s simple. You place an order, we squeeze the oil and ship it to you! Received at the peak of freshness.