Our Journey


Live Oil by Lesna is a family owned and operated oil mill providing the finest organic cold-pressed oils in wooden press-barrels to our loyal consumers. The idea of producing organic oils came from numerous failed attempts to find the real, pure and delicious oils in today’s markets. My husband and I understand how oil can play such an important role for our cellular health and has been something we’ve always implemented into our daily diets for our family. Only live oil extracted in a natural way from clean technology can serve as the best natural medicine and improve us from the inside out.

After our first child was born, we effortlessly sought out these “live” oils with no such luck. As a result, my husband set up a unique technique in our garage and crushed nuts and seeds into what we called “liquid gold” which we became obsessed with. What started as a creative attempt in our garage to provide healthy organic oils for our family of four turned into a small production facility in Northbrook, IL. We knew in our hearts we needed to share our oils with others so they could experience the health advantages it carries and even more importantly, indulge in the culinary benefits as we do.



We are dedicated to bringing to your table an exclusive collection of food grade oils and vegan flours made from high quality, 100% organic raw ingredients, carefully selected and handcrafted to preserve their full nutritional values. We make it a priority to work only with finest quality ingredients and verified suppliers, which are guaranteed to deliver to our high expectations. Every product that leaves our facility is produced, bottled and sold by us, providing fresh, delicious products to our customers.

Our enthusiasm is always fueled by family and provides new sources of inspiration. Responsibility, a serious approach to business and love for people and nature are of upmost value to us!