Become Your Own Live Oil Crafter


Thank you for your interest in our craft! Since 2017, we have been passionate about living a holistic approach to life as dedicated oil crafters. We consider ourselves to be pioneers in this particular specialty in North America. As a result of hard work and countless hours of perfecting our craft, we have found professional engineering solutions and have implemented it into our process.

In addition to natural Live Oils, Live Flours and our own Live Skin Care products we are now offering our equipment so anyone could become their own master in cold-pressing natural oils from natural seeds and nuts! We can manufacture, deliver and assemble a complete set of equipment designated for the oil production including oil presses, wooden barrels and all other related materials.

By purchasing a “Live Oil By Lesna” branded oil pressing system, you get the technology along with our many years of experience in the oil making industry, thorough training, as well as the informational and technological support every step of the way. Shop our Live Oil by Lesna Barrel Here!

With a great pride and joy, it is our privilege to share what we consider the core of our company, and your opportunity to create the most delicious and healthy oils in the world!

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Our air/hand operated H-frame 50-ton Live Oil Press used for oil extraction is the most popular kind of our H-frame press. No higher quality 50-ton pneumatic press can easily be purchased as you begin your journey to become an oil crafter. It features a pump capable of manual operation or the option to be powered via compressed air.

Key Highlights:

  • Industrial-grade hydraulics ensuring years of smooth, useful operation.
  • Foot pedal allowing for simple and convenient machine control.
  • Manual hand pump on the side of the press offers more control for delicate applications.
  • Fully-welded steel main frame for maximum rigidity.
  • Comes standard with all futures needed to start making your own oil.
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty for parts and lifetime technical support.


  • Piston Head Diameter – 2.75″
  • Movable Cylinder – Yes
  • Working Width – 28.5″
  • Maximum Capacity – 50 tons
  • Cylinder Stroke – 7.8″
  • Cylinder Diameter – 6″
  • Power – Pneumatic / Manual
  • Dimensions – 84”L x 39”W x 16”H

*Please note, specifications are subject to change without notice.