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Oiling your hair has been one of the oldest and most effective ways to nourish and heal your hair. Our Live Hair Oil works as a pre-shampooing mask. A combination of three Live Oils: hemp, poppy and mustard seed serve as a base. We infuse our hair oil with rosemary which helps stimulate blood circulation for the scalp and transfers nutrients into the follicles. We also use lavender which encourages hair growth and can help fight dandruff while giving your hair some added smoothness and shine!

Why is oiling the hair important BEFORE you wash it?

Hair oiling is deeply moisturizing and provides nutritional benefits particularly to the hair strands and follicles. Per Ayurveda, oiling your hair at least once a week before washing is a beneficial hair care routine. However, it’s crucial to be very selective when choosing the oils we apply on our hair and body as the way hair oils are currently manufactured and mixed cannot promise as many benefits as guaranteed per Ayurvedic teachings. 

We offer fresh Live not processed oils which we produce on our own and can guarantee the complete nutritional value present in our oil mixture. Oils help to protect the hair strands by filling in the gaps of lost lipids our hair loses every day as well as healing the scalp and improving its health. Lipids play a very important role in making the hair look and feel healthy. They help maintain the shine and gloss of hair. When massaging the scalp, it helps in exfoliation while moisturizing. Also, it improves scalp blood flow which reduces hair loss as a result. 

Every oil is a carrier of specific vitamins and minerals as well as fatty acids. We use our own Live Hemp Seed Oil which prevents hair breakage by enhancing the moisture, promotes hair growth, and adds shine. Our Organic Live Poppy Seed Oil is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids including linoleic and oleochemicals acid, omega-6 fatty acid and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium which contribute to healthy hair. It helps to fight dandruff and any other scalp skin issues. Poppy seed oil is rich in vitamin E which provides moisture and restores hydrolipidic film of the hair, improving hydration, strengthening strands and preventing breakage.  Our Live Organic Mustard Seed Oil contains components which affect particular receptors within the hair follicles that control hair growth. Mustard oil is packed with strong anti-inflammatory properties which help maintain scalp health. Mustard seeds are loaded with proteins, calcium, vitamin A, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, which can do wonders for your scalp and overall hair health. The presence of erucic acid is known to fight fungus naturally which can remove dandruff and a dry itchy scalp.

How to Use:  We recommend applying our Live Hair Oil on your scalp and hair prior to washing it with shampoo. Apply hair oil for as long as desired but not less than 30 minutes. Massage gently. If used as an oil mask, it can be left overnight as well. Wash regularly with shampoo at least twice. Follow up with our Hydrosol of choice to close the scalp pores and lock in moisture. Style and enjoy!

Having introduced an all natural skin care line in 2020, our products are crafted using our pure Live Oils manufactured at our family run mill. They’re used in their original state to ensure all active nutrients and ingredients remain, setting our skin care products apart from the rest. 

– We use our very own self pressed Certified Organic Live Oils in formula only!
– Our oils are infused with Certified Organic plants
– We derive our oils in Wooden press-barres to avoid oxidation
– Small batch oil production

Apply after a bath or shower or as desired.

Weight: 4 oz.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
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